Summer 2016 Update!

It certainly has been an interesting couple of years going back to do my Master’s Degree at the University of Toronto as a mature student with seventeen years of teaching experience.  I am truly grateful for the opportunity provided to me by the Faculty of Music and completely amazed to have been able to complete it without any interruption to my regular work schedule.

Of course none of this would have been possible without my wife Pam picking up all the extra family duties and my mom for helping with some extra meals and driving the kids to their various events.

I would like to thank a few people from the University of Toronto for making it a success for me!  I did spend quite a bit of time working, reflecting and researching on jazz ensemble rehearsal techniques and general music pedagogy.  Gordon Foote and Cam Walter were excellent mentors and created lots of interesting projects and assignments that were very beneficial for me.

I spent two years studying with Robert Miller who is a virtuoso euphonium player and teacher!  He managed to find some great studies that really helped to build my confidence and skill level on the trombone.  Kelly Jefferson helped me work on the original tunes and arrangements for my final recital which I was pleased with!

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