Year in Review and beyond!

It’s been a while since I have had the opportunity to sit down and update the site. What a great year professionally this has been! Lots of exciting stuff going on! I’ll start with an update on the Kincardine Summer Jazz Program in August 2013. The camp manages to attract a world class faculty and has an incredible concert series. It was such a pleasure to have Ralph Bowen up from New York to play with the faculty this year which included: Kelly Jefferson (saxophone), Brian O’Kane (trumpet), Ted Warren (drums), Mike Downes (bass), Earl MacDonald (piano) and Mike Rud (guitar). We also had the pleasure of having Heather Bambrick perform. It was an evening of fantastic music and great stories. The kids that attended camp had a great time and all played a great concert on Friday night in Victoria Park. The 2013 edition of the JAZZFM91 Youth Big Band also performed in Kincardine this year with special guests from the faculty filling a couple of holes!



In September we auditioned the 2014 JAZZFM91 Youth Big Band. It is a great group again this year with tons of talented kids and dedicated parents! We were really rushed to prepare for our first performance of the year with Joey DeFrancesco in November. He came from Phoenix Arizona to spend the weekend with the kids and play a concert at the Old Mill which will be broadcast in the new year. He is a great guy and was really inspirational for the kids to work with! Such a great opportunity for the kids! Thanks JAZZFM91!


I am planning on applying to the Master’s program at University of Toronto for the fall of 2014. Thanks to Gordon Foote and Terry Promane for helping me make this opportunity possible. I have never been a great student….odd that I am in my fourteenth year of teaching for the Toronto District School Board. I am looking forward to getting back on the horn on a regular basis and being inspired by all the young guys and girls that are working hard at the music. I think it’s really exciting time to be in the music faculty at U of T!

Tons of exciting performances coming up in the New Year! Please check the calendar for dates!

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