March 2013!

It has been a really exciting week having saxophonist Tom Scott up from Los Angeles, California to work with the JAZZ.FM91 Youth Big Band!  Tom was fantastic and the kids  put on a great show at The Old Mill last Monday night.  One of the best all round performances in four years! 

I am looking forward to taking the JAZZ.FM91 Youth BIg Band up to York University to perform in their wonderful Tribute Communities Recital Hall.  The kids will have the opportunity to play with Ron Westray (trombone) and Sundar Viswanathan (saxophone) as special guests with the group.  This concert was certainly one of the highlights of our year last season.  Thanks to Mike Cado for making all the arrangements and making this happen!

Excited to play at the Home Smith Bar at The Old Mill with Brian Dickinson and Duncan Hopkins on Saturday night!  Thanks Robyn for a great poster!

Jules Estrin Trio - 11x17

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